Established 1997 by Paul Florkowski 

Practical Training for effective results. 

We are a small, private group of good character and integrity that train mind, body and spirit and continually strive to better ourselves through martial arts training. 

Experience shows that the sincere student can build a strong, practical and rounded foundation through regular practice in our martial arts classes. This foundation will stand them well should they decide to specialise in any other particular style or method, or of course, continue what they are doing with us and trying to master it. The true essence of the martial arts is more important than any one style. 

The classes are challenging and demanding with emphasis on self development, fighting and ultimately learning not to.  

Understanding of your centre is a key focus (hara or dantien are both eastern names for it).

Bumps and bangs and some injuries will occur, so the student does need some inner strength. 

We practice both hard/soft (external/internal) applications, lots of it mainly from standing, striking towards vulnerable areas of the body, for example, the eyes, the neck, the groin and knees so good control and respect are necessary. 

Throws, ground fighting, chokes, strangles and joint manipulations are also regularly practised with a focus on learning to cause damage and finish fights quickly. 

We do fitness work, stretching, breath work, impact work (striking pads) solo drills, partner work, a variety of sparring methods and lots of practical application. 

The class has helped experienced students from other martial arts understand applications from their own katas or forms. In most modern or sportified do-way arts, realistic application is either not taught or very often misunderstood, even by some high grade instructors in large organisations. This results in students often being misled on the meaning of movements in forms and katas and therefore creates a false sense of security on how effective the technique would be in a real situation. This of course places the student in danger. Reality often hits hard.

The classes are good for you and full of health benefits. You will become fitter, stronger, faster, more supple and relaxed. Internal training methods strengthen your bodies organs allowing them to function better and can balance your vital energies and boost your immune system. 

You will improve your reactions (e.g. for driving and everyday functioning) and develop a strong understanding of correct posturing and body mechanics. 

Mentally the classes can help  you overcome fear, improve self esteem and promote confidence and peace of mind. 

The group rarely exceeds 12 students and we are not a member of any governing body or organisation. As such, there are no additional costs such as membership fees. There are no belts, no gradings, no competitions, no uniforms and no training for sports. 

Occasionally one or two vacancies are available. Applicants must be of good character, committed and sincere. 

For further information, contact Paul on: 07708896334